Global Hostage Report 2023

This groundbreaking report is the first time ever that four decades of data and analytics on hostage taking has been reviewed and studied globally. We hope you agree that this report brings to light critical insights into the complex issues surrounding hostages and unlawfully detained persons globally.

Key Takeaways Detailed Analysis of 2023

The report provides a meticulous analysis of hostages and unlawfully detained persons in 2023. It includes key events that have shaped the landscape and utilizes advanced data analytics to unravel patterns in arrests and releases. Our aim is to offer a comprehensive understanding of the current state of affairs.

Current Hostage Breakdown

The report breaks down the 235 current known hostages and unlawfully detained persons worldwide. This includes individuals held by both state and non-state actors. The insights presented shed light on the demographics, circumstances, and dynamics of these cases.

Screenshots of the Hostage Metrics Engine

Arrest and Release Trends (1979-2023)

Hostage Aid has delved into historical data spanning four decades, presenting arrest and release trends from 1979 to 2023. This longitudinal analysis offers a unique perspective on the evolution of hostage situations, providing valuable context to the current global scenario.

Arrest and kidnapping insights by country 1979-2023 Data provided by the Hostage Metrics Engine

President’s Message

In 2023, our world faced unprecedented challenges, and the data within this report is a testament to the critical work our organization has undertaken. I am honored to share with you Hostage Aid Worldwide’s Annual Report for 2023 — a groundbreaking compilation that not only sheds light on the data and analytics of hostage and unlawfully detained situations but also propels our collective efforts toward a more informed and resilient future.

Our vision at Hostage Aid has always been to not only respond to crises but to preemptively address the root causes and consequences of hostage situations with new data-driven tools and platforms. The 2023 report signifies our dedication to this vision, providing a foundation upon which we can collectively build a safer and more secure future.

As we navigate the complexities of our world, let this report be a catalyst for change. Let us utilize these findings to strengthen our partnerships, engage with communities, and advocate for policies that promote safety and resilience. Together, we can make strides toward a world where the threat of hostage situations is minimized, and the path to recovery is swift and supported.

As 2024 begins, help us continue being the independent and free voice of hostages around the world. It is through your support that we continue to evolve and innovate, ensuring that no hostage or their family faces these challenges alone.

With gratitude,

Nizar Zakka

President, Hostage Aid Worldwide