Dr. Shoshan Haran Joins the Advisory Board of Hostage Aid Worldwide

June 28, 2024 – Hostage Aid Worldwide is proud to announce that Dr.Shoshan Haran, former hostage in Gaza, has joined its advisory board.

Dr. Haran is the founder and president of Fair Planet, a global NGO, whose mission is to help smallholder farmers in Africa grow more food and exit the cycle of hunger and poverty through access to improved climate-resilient seeds and better farming practices. These seeds, developed for harsh conditions and adapted to Africa’s soil and climate, triple farmers’ crop yields, improve nutrition, increase profits and improve families’ livelihood. Over the past decade, these crops have nourished a million people in vulnerable areas in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Rwanda. 

On October 7, 2023, Hamas terrorists invaded her home in Be’eri, southern Israel, and murdered her husband and her younger sister; they have murdered 101 civilians in her small community: babies, children, women and men. Dr. Haran herself was kidnapped and held captive by Hamas in Gaza together with her daughter, her little grandkids, her sister in-law and niece. They were detained for 50 days before their safe return. As of today, Haran’s son in-law, Tal Shoham, is still a hostage in Gaza. This harrowing ordeal highlighted her resilience and unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes and to helping other hostages around the world. 

“We are deeply honored to have Dr. Shoshan Haran join our advisory board,” said Nizar Zakka, President of Hostage Aid Worldwide. “Her commitment to humanitarian causes and to improving lives through her work with Fair Planet, combined with her personal experience as a former hostage, brings a unique and powerful perspective to our mission.”

Dr. Haran’s expertise and innovative approach to improving the quality of life for vulnerable populations make her an invaluable asset to Hostage Aid Worldwide. Her addition to the advisory board strengthens the organization’s efforts to raise awareness, drive policy changes, and provide comprehensive advocacy support for hostages and their families.