French Citizen Louis Arnaud Released from Unlawful Detention in Iran Returns to France

June 13, 2024 – Hostage Aid Worldwide gladly welcomes the release of French citizen Louis Arnaud from unlawful detention in Iran. After almost 21 months, he is finally returning home to his family and loved ones.

Louis is a banking consultant who was traveling the silk road when he was arrested in Iran on September 28, 2022 and sentenced to five years in prison on charges of propaganda and undermining Iranian state security. Louis spent almost 21 months arbitrarily detained before President Emmanuel Macron announced his release on June 12, thanking Oman and all those involved in securing his release.

We are so grateful that Louis has finally returned home and is reunited with his loved ones and wish him all the best on his road of recovery from this horrific ordeal. We are also thankful for President Macron’s efforts in securing Louis’s freedom and urge him to double his efforts to secure the release of the remaining French citizens left behind in Iran: Cécile Kohler, Jacques Paris, and Olivier. They too must be brought home as soon as possible.

Hostage Aid Worldwide reiterates its call to European governments and the international community to form a united task force with a unified strategy to free the remaining hostages and end Iran’s hostage diplomacy. The practice of using innocent citizens as pawns must be stopped once and for all.