Hostage Aid Worldwide Honors The Memory and Legacy of Majd Kamalmaz: A Fallen Hero

June 13, 2024 – On June 12, 2024, Hostage Aid Worldwide President Nizar Zakka and board member Ali Arab met with the family of late American psychotherapist Majd Kamalmaz. Majd was forcibly disappeared in Syria in February 2017 and recently declared dead after his family met with government officials who confirmed this information.

“We come together today to celebrate Majd, a fallen hero, a selfless human being, a giving person who sacrificed everything to serve those in need.” said Nizar Zakka, a former hostage in Iran. “Majd’s legacy will continue in the wonderful family he raised and the goodness, care, and compassion he spread wherever he went. Men of Majd’s caliber are hard to find and he will not be forgotten.”

Majd’s family was presented with a token of recognition in honor of Majd to commemorate his extraordinary life of courage and kindness and his honorable service to those in need.

His daughter Maryam was also honored for her resilience, perseverance and strength in fighting for 7 long years for her father’s freedom and a word of his fate.

We urge the U.S. Government to honor Majd’s legacy by doubling their efforts to bring his fellow Americans home from Syria and elsewhere around the world and to hold hostage takers accountable for their crimes.