Hostage Aid Worldwide Welcomes Hugh Dugan to its Advisory Board

June 14, 2024 – Hostage Aid Worldwide is pleased to announce that Hugh Dugan, former Acting Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs in 2019, has joined its advisory board.

Hugh Dugan brings extensive experience in international diplomacy and hostage recovery. His managing of US diplomatic engagements in that sensitive operational sphere and his leadership in that all-of-Government effort, produced an unprecedented momentum of recoveries, a strengthening of US policy and capacity, and improved methods of work with hostages’ families, US Congress, and associated actors. 

“We are honored to have Hugh Dugan join our advisory board,” said Nizar Zakka, President of Hostage Aid Worldwide. “His unparalleled experience and dedication to hostage recovery and international diplomacy will be crucial to our mission to end hostage diplomacy.”

Dugan’s background includes a distinguished tenure with the U.S. diplomatic corps, serving as U.S. Delegate to the United Nations and as a senior adviser to multiple U.S. Ambassadors to the UN. He also served as Senior Director in the National Security Council and has been involved in various academic and civic initiatives, contributing his expertise to international diplomacy and security.

Hostage Aid Worldwide is dedicated to advocating for the safe return of Americans wrongfully detained or held hostage abroad. The organization works closely with government agencies, families, and other stakeholders to enhance efforts for hostage recovery and to provide support to affected families. The addition of Hugh Dugan to its advisory board underscores the organization’s commitment to leveraging expert knowledge and experience in its ongoing efforts.