Global Hostage Report 2023

Addendum: October 7 Insights

2023 was a tragic year for hostages and unlawful detainees globally and saw the highest levels of abducted persons since 1979 (when the US Embassy diplomats and staff were taken hostage by the Islamic Republic of Iran). The most significant event this year was the Hamas attack on Israel. On October 7, Hamas and its proxies launched a land, sea, and air assault on Israel from the Gaza Strip. The October 7 attack resulted in more than 1,200 deaths, primarily Israeli citizens, making it one of the most tragic and deadly days in the history of Israel.

According to the latest media reports, Hamas kidnapped a reported 242 people and brought them back to the Gaza Strip. Hostage Aid has put together this Addendum to our Global Hostage Report 2023 to provide a deep analysis into the events of October 7.

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Key Takeaways
Analysis of Dual Nationals and Foreigners Taken on October 7

At least 97 Israeli citizens and at least 84 Israelis holding dual nationalities were abducted on October 7. In addition, 41 foreigners were also taken including around 32 Thai citizens.

Age and Gender Breakdowns

The report breaks down the gender and ages of those taken on October 7 and those released so far.

Identify the Hostage Industry and How It Relates to October 7

Within the common life cycle of hostage taking, Hostage Aid has worked to identify common patterns that hostage takers follow, whether state or non-state actors. In our analysis of regrettably far too many incidents, this life cycle consists of 4 stages, that we have termed as reconnaissance, weaponization, negotiation, and exploitation.

Hostage Aid Message on the Addendum for Oct. 7

Today, Hostage Aid released a significant addendum report focusing on the recent terrorist attack carried out on October 7.

This addendum is a comprehensive analysis of the situation and aims to provide a better understanding of the events and people impacted by that tragic day with a focus on data and analytics.

Hostage Aid’s mission is to advocate, support, gather and document data on cases of foreign and dual national hostages taken by non-state actors (such as terrorist organizations and others) and unlawfully detained foreign and dual national persons taken by state actors (such as Iran, Venezuela, Russia and others).

This addendum on October 7 is a new addition to the Global Hostage Report 2023, a groundbreaking compilation that not only sheds light on the data and analytics of hostage and unlawfully detained situations but also propels our collective efforts toward a more informed and resilient future. Our vision at Hostage Aid has always been to not only respond to crises but to preemptively address the root causes and consequences of hostage situations with new data-driven tools and platforms. The 2023 report signifies our dedication to this vision, providing a foundation upon which we can collectively build a safer and more secure future.

As we navigate the complexities of our world, let this report be a catalyst for change. Let us utilize these findings to strengthen our partnerships, engage with communities, and advocate for policies that promote safety and resilience. Together, we can make strides toward a world where the threat of hostage situations is minimized, and the path to recovery is swift and supported.

With gratitude,

The Hostage Aid Board

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