Honoring Former Hostage Morad Tahbaz (Iran: Jan. 2018-Sept. 2023)

HAW Conference: “Battling Hostage Diplomacy” on the Sidelines of UNGA (Sept. 2023)

Sit In for Shahab Dalili and Jamshid Sharmahd After Being Left Behind in Iran (Iran Deal August 2023)

Honoring Geoffrey Dive (HAW Board Member & Uncle of Richard Ratcliff)

Honoring Roger Carstens (U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs)

Honoring HAW President & Former Hostage Nizar Zakka (Iran: Sept. 2015-June 2019)

Honoring Former Hostage Barry Rosen (Iran: Nov. 1979-Jan. 1981)

Honoring Former Hostage Tomeu Vadell (Venezuela: Nov. 2017-Oct. 2022)

Honoring Dr. Tatiana Eatwell

Honoring UK MP Tulip Siddiq

Honoring Former Hostage Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe (Iran: Apr. 2016-Mar. 2022)

Honoring UK MP Janet Daby

Honoring Former Hostage Anoosheh Ashoori (Iran: Aug. 2017-Mar. 2022)

Honoring Former Hostage Osman Khan (Venezuela: Jan. 2022-Oct. 2022)

Honoring Former Hostage Xiyue Wang (Iran: Aug. 2016-Dec. 2019)

Honoring Former Hostage Jorge Toledo (Venezuela: Nov. 2017-Oct. 2022)

Honoring Former Hostage Jose Pereira (Venezuela: Nov. 2017-Oct. 2022)

Honoring Congressman Ted Deutch

White House Protest

HAW Members Barry Rosen & Nizar Zakka on Hunger Strike in Vienna to Free Iran Hostages

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As 50 Hostages Held by Hamas are Set to Be Released, Barry Rosen, A Former Iran Hostage, Shares His Story – A Little More Conversation with Ben O’Hara-Byrne

Barry Rosen: “We Are Trying to Assist the Families in Every Way Possible.” (On Families of Hamas Hostages: Oct. 2023)

Flashpoint Iran: Barry Rosen on Why U.S. – Iran Prisoner Releases were Not A “Prisoner Exchange.” (U.S. – Iran Deal Sept. 2023)

Nizar Zakka to Iran International at the Sit – In Next to the State Department (Aug. 2023)

Message from Darian, Son of Shahab Dalili at the Sit-In Next to the State Department (Aug. 2023)

Plea For Freedom: Ahmadreza Djalali: Swedish Citizen Sentenced to Death in Iran

Plea For Freedom: Jamshid Sharmahd: German Citizen Sentenced to Death in Iran

Happy Father’s Day 2023: From Hostage Aid to All The Fathers Unlawfully Detained or Held Hostage

Massud Mossaheb and Kamran Ghaderi Finally Free from Iran (June 2, 2023)

Plea For Freedom-Shahab Dalili: The Forgotten US Legal Permanent Resident Held Hostage in Iran

Mark Swidan: 10 Year Anniversary of Unlawful Detention in China (Nov. 14, 2022)

Unlawfully Detained Citizens Part 2

Unlawfully Detained Citizens Part 1

HAW Board Member Alan Gross on his hostage crisis in Cuba

HAW Member Sam Goodwin on prioritizing the release of hostages

HAW Board Member Barry Rosen describing how phase 1 of the Hostage business model applies to his case

HAW member Sam Goodwin describes how phase 2 of the Hostage Business Model applies to his case
HAW Board Member Barry Rosen’s position on JCPOA
HAW Board Member Dr. Kylie Moore-Gilbert on prioritizing the release of hostages
HAW members’ position on the release of hostages

Vienna Hunger Strike Videos

Former Iran hostage on hunger strike in Vienna