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Plea For Freedom-Shahab Dalili: The Forgotten US Legal Permanent Resident Held Hostage in Iran

Massud Mossaheb and Kamran Ghaderi Finally Free from Iran (June 2, 2023)

Mark Swidan: 10 Year Anniversary of Unlawful Detention in China (Nov. 14, 2022)

Unlawfully Detained Citizens Part 2

Unlawfully Detained Citizens Part 1

HAW Board Member Alan Gross on his hostage crisis in Cuba

HAW Member Sam Goodwin on prioritizing the release of hostages

HAW Board Member Barry Rosen describing how phase 1 of the Hostage business model applies to his case

HAW member Sam Goodwin describes how phase 2 of the Hostage Business Model applies to his case
HAW Board Member Barry Rosen’s position on JCPOA
HAW Board Member Dr. Kylie Moore-Gilbert on prioritizing the release of hostages
HAW members’ position on the release of hostages

Vienna Hunger Strike Videos

Former Iran hostage on hunger strike in Vienna