Layal Hijazi

Layal Hijazi holds a College Degree and Finance Certificate. She is a dedicated professional who has transitioned from a successful career in finance to making a positive impact through the non-governmental organization sector, specifically within Hostage Aid. With a solid foundation in financial management and a passion for social change, Layal Hijazi brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to her role.

Having spent 5 years in the finance industry, Layal has gained invaluable experience in administrative and contractual processes. However, her desire to contribute to meaningful causes led her to embark on a new journey with Hostage Aid. As a member of the team, Layal Hijazi is committed to driving positive change in the hostage crisis.

Looking ahead, Layal Hijazi is passionate about bringing awareness, support, and advocacy for hostages. She aspires to leverage her financial background to develop innovative solutions that address complex social challenges, promoting sustainable and equitable outcomes for individuals and communities affected by the hostage crisis.