Useful Resources

Hostage Survival Tips – By Hugh Dugan
What if you were taken hostage? The United Nation is struggling to forge solid consensus on the Gaza hostage crisis. But the UN indeed has definitive guidance on file for its staff possibly subjected to hostage-taking in the field. Based on decades of UN experiences, some of the following might help keep you alive if you were taken hostage.
Wrongfully Detained US Citizens Family Resource Guide 2021 by Elizabeth Whelan
This guide will prepare you for the ordeal of working for your loved one's release. In it, you will find helpful tips, explanations, and options based on my lived experience advocating for our brother. This is not legal advice or a recipe for instant success, however I hope the information in these pages gives you some direction and hope.
Resource Guide for Families of Wrongful Detainees
The Guide includes information that families requested, including information to help them understand U.S. policy and available options; guidance on engaging with U.S. diplomatic and consular channels, and submitting letters from members of Congress or other influential individuals; and appropriate points of contacts, such as legal resources and counseling services.